Our  Story

The Way we are

After the Navy, I moved to Connecticut in 1983 and installed cable television as a contractor. My wife and I met at the once famed, "Laurel Beach Hotel," and have been together ever since. Raised 3 sons and a daughter and are very proud of them all. As a family, we have made several trips back up to Central New York to visit our loved ones. Holidays, birthdays and just right out visits. All the time trying to instill values with traditions in our children. Things to recall upon, talk about and to prepare for...our "Traditions", this we all value. It helps keep a family closer, even in these times. My wife and I have a passion for gardening, we started growing plants and trees as a hobby. Well, in 2006 this hobby turned into a "back-yard" nursery and on weekends, we were selling plants, flowers and trees from the yard. In 1996 we acquired some fig trees with a unique history and brought the cuttings to market in 2007. This is when we focused on the fig trees. Trees with a past, a story full of history. 

Our Story 

The Way we were

Hard work and traditions have been a part of our family for generations. My great grand parents had a farm in Central New York soon after arriving here in America from Linguaglossa, Sicily. They brought with them, grape vines and fig tree cuttings taken from the trees they had left behind in the Old Country. A connection to their past, planted here in America. I remember as a child visiting their farm often with my grand-father. They had a picnic table under some grape vines near the barn where we sat in the shade. I recall  tasting a fig for the first time there. They had a tree growing in their greenhouse that produced some fine figs. Well the farm is long gone and many new things are happening. Families moving and babies happening here and there. LOL...and then other things in life, that make it difficult to slow down and reflect. I believe deep in the soul there is something calling us to these memories and traditions, a time to reflect and give thanks. Family is history, your past, who you are and can be.

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Our Story

What we do..

Well, in the past we have sold many fig trees to those who have responded to our ads on Craigs List and to the sign out front. A few customers came back for a second tree to give as a gift or just wanted another. We have  stopped posting on Craigs List, and now on-line, we hope to reach more. Access to a fig tree has never been easier. Selling to our neighbors and those passing bye, gives us a joy, possibly the reward for our passion. So what are we to do, well get on-line and make these fig trees available to others, our long distance neighbors. We have sold locally for years with many satisfied customers, and with this healthy stock and hard work we hope to continue for many years to come.

  Our Story

Planing for a future

Working with these values and knowledge, we produce a product we are very proud of. This small, growing nursery, I hope will continue to produce a product for years to come. Our family passing these values of hard work and a vision go a long way. We plan to offer some new products in 2015, Laurel Bay Leaf tree cuttings and in the summer of 2014, a fig tree variety called the Dalmatia, and possibly Celeste and Italian Everbearing. Step by step, and one will reach their goals. My Italian Fig Tree, our story, the story of our lives. Take care and bless you all.

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