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Smugglers Fig......San Piero, This mother tree is a cutting from a 90yr. old seed grown tree in America. Our friend Mary tells us, the seeds were smuggled in from Italy between bed sheets when her family immigrated to America from Italy in the early 1900s. The rooted cuttings are fast growers and in 1-2yrs. should have ripe figs.  Fruit mid to late Aug thru Oct. Purple skin, very juice and sweet tasting. Many bare root in stock and smaller potted cuttings available in mid to late summer. Our best seller.                                 

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Paradiso / Genova  White Fig, From my friend Rocky who brought me a bunch of cuttings from his tree that died during Hurricane Irene. The salt water breached his wall and surrounded his tree. Well, Rocky's fig tree died and with some work the cuttings rooted. I gave Rocky some of the rooted Paradisos and he left the rest for me.That was in 2011, most of the stock is potted. 

Pricing of fig trees are based on size and age. The cuttings ordered may be shorter due to complementary pruning, we prune all cuttings. This helps your fig tree grow. Only one of these trees is needed to produce figs. We cover our trees here after they are dormant, not before. We are in zone 7a, along the coast of Connecticut above the Sound.

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  Please call first to make sure you don't miss us. Our trees will be available,  So in the meantime, pick out a sunny spot to plant facing the southern sky, next to a stone wall, garage, etc. When planting, It's OK to have soil above root line. Good luck and check us out on Facebook for tips and any updates. At the bottom of the page are Links to fig tree Info. Thanks, any questions please call us at the nursery if you can't find it on the site.

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​​under 8"$5    

 8 - 13" - $10    

 13 - 18"-$20   

 18 - 25" - $30     

  25" - 35" $40   

  35" - 45" $50         45" - 60" $60    

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Sicilian White Fig My friend Rocky also brought some cuttings from his Sicilian White fig tree, which had met the same ending as did the Paradiso. This mother tree is strong, fast growing tree with large white figs. Loves the sun and heat. The clones from this fig trees genetic make-up really produce some tasty figs. Potted cuttings are available and please call us on the availability of this variety.  This mother tree is a 3 yr. old as of 2014, Very big figs with a sweet taste of watermelon and strawberry.


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Dalmatian / Madonna  Great tree for cooler climates. This tree's resistance to the cold is very high. Known to survive temps to 5 degrees F. We obtained clones in the fall of 2011 from my Aunt living in Oregon. Her tree is large and bears many figs. She says she is still picking fig this December of 2014!  Here in zone 7a, we have ripe figs but ended in October. Wow Aunt Gayle that's crazy! A fast grower with straight branches. Leaves are not as abundant as her cousins but the figs are as tasty as ever. Nice tree, figs  w/green-violet skin, inside, amber. Watermelon/honey-strawberry taste.